Home sweet Home: Casa De La Madre Ayahuasca  

Hello beautiful people! You found us!  We are in Restinga, Yarina Cocha, just out of Pucallpa. We have an incredible house here that fronts the lake and have five rooms for guests who wish to experience ayahuasca.

Welcome to Casa de la Madre Ayahuasca and the wonderful journey into the world of healing and magic! It has never been a better time to visit Peru as the call of medicine is clear and strong... as well as sweet and patient. We are learning to be more alive every day and we are here to help you and we also need your help as new possibilities to save our world are opening up every day.

We offer very comfortable accommodation with twin share rooms upstairs, fresh foods and safe but strong ceremonies with incredible curenderos. Downstairs in the house we hold the ceremonies and it is screened with comfortable mats and bedding provided. I attend the ceremonies so there is translation available and I can take care of any concerns or needs you may have during ceremony, We also offer personal translated consultations with your shamans.

Please browse our pages as there are some real treasures waiting for you there. We are growing and expanding all the time and so will be this website; it is alive! You probably will not find this message here in a few weeks. In the meantime... Check out Cielo's interview, it will give you a good scoop on what makes Casa de la Madre such a special place to be. A must-read if you are thinking of coming here; find it here.

Another hidden gem just being unearthed is a virtually unknown retreat of Santuario Huishtin hidden from view by vapors of medicinal hotsprings; a separate website for which is being constructed. And lastly, here is Dimas, a visionary painter living in Pucallpa's slum that badly needs exposure and recognition. See oil canvases of his amazing ayahuaca visions here.

Cielo on Face Book or email Cielo at kezgreedy@hotmail.com

 Have a happy day!